Intervju med Mackenzie Foy

MTV har gjort et flott intervju med vres lille Mackenzie Foy, som har rollen som Renesmee Cullen i Breaking Dawn del 2.

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(Intervjuet er delt opp i to videoer, bare trykk p det nederste bilde hvor det str, "What was it like for Mackenzie Foy to play Renesmee...",for se resten.)

Fortsett videre nedover for lese flere av sprsmlene MTV stilte henne. Men det str p engelsk, hper det gr bra!

MTV News: What do you think of this crazy promotion process so far? We saw you briefly during the excitement at Comic-Con...

Mackenzie Foy: It's fun. It's my first movie so I haven't really got to do all the promotional stuff before, so it's all really fun for me.

MTV: Have you seen the finished film yet? Do you know if you'll be allowed to see the whole movie?

Foy: I haven't but I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I honestly don't know [what I'll be allowed to see].

MTV: What about promotional material like posters, t-shirts, lunch boxes or action figures? Have they given you an early look at any Renesmeee-themed products?

Foy: I haven't seen any yet. I don't know [if they're making them] but it would be pretty cool. It would be pretty cool to have my own doll from the film, then it would be like, "Look, I'm playing with me!" It would be cool to have lunch box too.

MTV: Aside from how the movie ends for Renesmee and what you might know about how the book ends, if you could think up a happy ending for Renesmee what would it be?

Foy: I haven't really thought about that but it would be cool to see her happy and having a normal life.

MTV: As normal as possible for a girl surrounded by vampires and werewolves.

Foy: [Laughs] Yeah.

MTV: Renesmee is anything but normal. Can you talk about her special power and how director Bill Condon coached you or set up those scenes when you're demonstrating your power?

Foy: Yeah. Renesmee's power, she can touch you and send thoughts into your mind. You had to make a lot of eye contact when you touch their faces.

MTV: Which actor was your favorite to show Renesmee's power or film those scenes with?

Foy: Well I did get to do scene with Mr. Michael Sheen. He is amazing. I really really hope I get to see him [again].

MTV: Ah he is amazing. Was he a jokester at all on set or serious and in character?

Foy: I don't really remember him being a jokester, I just remember him being super sweet.

MTV: Let's talk about all the makeup and costumes involved in the film. Which costumes were your favorite on other actors and what kind of makeup did you have to wear?

Foy: It would probably be the Volturi because they had these awesome black and red capes and they had that cool kind of sinister vampire look. I had to wear brown contacts. Somebody always put them in for me. I'd be afraid that I'd put them in wrong or stab my eye. But when I first got them in it would take me a couple of tries to get them in right, but one time, I got them in on my first try. I was so proud of myself.

MTV: Did any of the other actors playing vampires help you or give you advice about wearing the contacts?

Foy: No advice really, but I remember there was this tent with all the contacts where all the vampires would have to go. They'd all look up and poke their eye and put it in there.

MTV: So in the midst of the craziness involved in promoting "Breaking Dawn," are you still enjoying your summer and setting aside time for normal kid stuff?

Foy: Yeah. Yesterday we went night swimming, which was really fun

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